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I work in 2D animation. Here's my CV.

My first commercial contract following graduation was as an animator with Viskatoons in Melbourne on Jar Dwellers SOS in 2017. Since then I've animated and rigged on a freelance basis for studios around Australia like 12field, Mighty Nice, Liquid and Studio Moshi. I specialise in Toon Boom Harmony.

I graduated from the Bachelor of Animation programme at Queensland College of art with class 1A Honours in 2016. I returned to teach two first-year courses on the fundamentals of animation from 2020 to 2021. I really enjoy teaching and welcome any opportunity to connect with young and aspiring animators.

I am passionate about life drawing as a form and work part-time as a life model. Since August 2023 I have been the secretary of the Life Models Society. I also began to undertake a Diploma of Graphic Design in 2023 at Torrens University.

Apart from my experience and enthusiasm, I have two really good cats and a love of cooking.

I am available for freelance and full time job opportunities. Credited prior to 2022 as Phoebe Ayscough.

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